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Virtual Surf Slam

Virtual Surf Slam

This is our first ever global community activation. Share your love of river surfing for a chance to win some great prizes! Winners will be drawn so all entries have an equal chance of winning. Enter in one of the following categories that fits you best.

Calgary Local Beginner

Calgary Local Intermediate

Friends From Elsewhere


Contest Guidelines

  1. Record a clip of yourself telling us “why you love surfing” or “why surfing makes your life better”, in one or two sentences.
  2. Record 15 seconds of you surfing.  This could be one consecutive clip or a couple pieced together, either way it must only be 15 seconds
  3. Submit both clips (#1 and #2)  separately or piece them together and do one submission.  Either option works great.
  4. Share your clip(s) on social media and tag @slamcalgary #surfyycvirtual #slamfestival


You can use music if you would like but it’s not necessary.  Just show us your love for surfing and that you’re having fun!


DEADLINE EXTENDED:  all clips must be submitted by Sunday Nov 15 11:59pm MST


Prize:  There is a prize pack for each category consisting of goodies from our kind sponsors Quiksilver, Saxx, Banded Peak, plus a few other goodies.


The winners will be announced on @slamcalgary live on IG