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Aruba Live On The Line

Aruba Live On The Line

Friday Sept 18 @ 9pm MST


One of our favorite parts about Slam Festival is hanging out with pals having bevvies and enjoying live music. This year we’re bringing you one of Calgary’s grooviest bands, Aruba, right to your home.

This event is free to tun in to and everyone is invited! If you would like to support the Alberta RSA we are taking donations. Your donations go towards funding more community projects like this which the Alberta RSA hosts. Just click the “donate here” button.

This will be right after the beer tasting so grab the Slam 3.5 4-pack at Banded Peak and join in at 8pm MST for a bit of beer history and chitchat.

This stream will be live on our site so just mark this in your calendar, get the crew together and tune in!


Seven voices ringing from a stage makes for the start of a great sing-along. That’s the magic of Aruba, a garage-y gang of fun-loving noisemakers. The group’s jangly, highly melodic sound is built with three guitars, a keytar and that chorus of joyful voices, turning each song into an event, ripe for audience participation.

-Sled Island 2019