Slam Stories

Friday, July 21, 2017
7:00PM - 9:00 PM

River Surfers share epic tales of challenge, safety, self discovery and the magic of the river. Talks are around 5 minutes or not much longer.  We still have three or four spots for really incredible stories.  Contact us if you know someone who has a great one.


Kevin Ludwig – Cancer survivor unable to drive himself to the wave trains on bike to be able to keep surfing a part of his life.  A story of recovery, finding happiness, and a change for the better.


Angela Knox – Ang’s mission is to be as healthy as f*ck and share that with others. Her recent training in the Wim Hof Method lead to over 3 months of devoted breathwork, cold water immersion, and focus to observe the results in health, cold tolerance, and mental focus while surfing in the Mountain wave in only a bathing suit. Ang shares secrets from Wim Hof and what she learned from her experience.

Ryan Richard(o) – The man behind the wave, Ryan shares his experiences as the Boise and Bend whitewater park wave technician, how adjustable surf waves are the future and the joy river surfing has brought to his life and the lives of others.

Maxime Therrien-Arel – Sharing stories and experiences from his work with the the VIT Program (Travel; Immerse; Work). Max recalls stories of the teenagers push their limits in a completely new environment.

Matthew Robertson and Justin Gullickson on “The Other Side of Skook”
Together skook surfers Matt and Justin share tales of ending up on the wrong side of the current and what it took to find their way back to the group.

Jason “Waveslayer” McQuade – Jason shares a horrifying story of being caught by his leash in the Kananaskis river and what it took for him to survive.

More to Be Announced. Contact Jacob Kelly Quinlan to Nominate a Speaker.

This event is made possible with added support from Surf Anywhere and Boarders Magazine.  Boarders is all about sharing stories about surfing miles away from the coast.






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