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Virtual Beer Tasting with Banded Peak

Virtual Beer Tasting with Banded Peak

Beers with buds…but make it virtual!

We’ve teamed up with banded peak to bring you an interactive beer tasting.  Our hosts will guide you through tasting notes and stories for four different beers.  Be sure to stick around because the live music comes on right after!

How to participate

  1. Go by Banded Peak Brewery to pick up the Slam 3.5 4-pack which is Mount Crushmore, Chinook Saison, Summit Seeker and Microburst
  2. Hop on to the live link here
  3. Participate!  Ask questions and leave comments

Tips for having the most radical time

  1. Have your friends join in.  Whether a group of you log on together or you’re each in your own homes, beer is always better with friends
  2. Have fun and bring your positive vibes.  A virtual event is great when people ask questions and take part, even if it’s just a quick holler
  3. Bring snacks!  Here are some recommended snack for each beer, brought to you by our pals at Springbank Cheese, Mardaloop
Chinook Saison– Very food-friendly style.  Curries, pad Thai, fish, farmhouse foods (stews, roasted meats, etc).
Easy  – Avocado toast and hummus / tahini
Cheesy – Aged Goat Cheese
Mt. Crushmore Pilsner – Also quite food-friendly.  Fish tacos, shellfish, chicken wings.  Or light citrusy desserts
Easy – Grilled Ham and Cheese
Cheesy – Mild or spiced Gouda
Summit Seeker Amber IPA  – Piney, citrus hop finish, pairs with BBQ, smoked meat or burgers.
Easy – Smokey Beef Jerky
Cheesy – Caramelized Onion Cheddar
Microburst Hazy IPA – Tropical and juicy, this style would go nicely with any food with some spice!  Indian, Thai or Mexican
Easy – Spicy chips
Cheesy – Aged gouda or aged sheep

This event is free to attend but if you would like to support the Alberta RSA we are taking donations.  Your donations go towards funding more community projects like this, which the Alberta RSA hosts.

Can’t wait to see you there!