Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Commonwealth Bar
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Let’s kick off 4 back to back days of Slam Festival with a killer party! Last year’s show on the rooftop was one we’re still talking about.  This year’s is a don’t miss.

The night will start off with the game of S.K.A.T.E. Our final game in the elimination series. You can pre-register here.  Competitors get in the show free.

Then we have three of Calgary’s raddest bands that’ll get you moving.  Don’t forget to stick around for Calgary’s best weekly event What A Time.

Julius Sumner Miller

Because sometimes you just say fuck it. Sometimes a bunch of musicians can just hang out, drink beer and play good punk rock with their friends because it fucking rules. What comes after that is all icing on the cake. In a world bursting with whitewash garbage, gimmicks, and branding, Julius Sumner Miller delivers the straight goods. With no one to impress and nothing to apologize for this Calgary Punk Rock crew plays fast, hard and devoid of bullshit. Drawing inspiration and a name from the badass life of Julius Sumner Miller (remember the crazy professor on “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein”) JSM embodies the alternative, DIY persona. Having been recruited by friendship, and sharing a common love of fast riffs and cheap beer JSM is set to lay waste to all those who oppose the healing power of punk rock. Steady yourself.

Silence The Swamps

Silence The Swamps emerged from the murky waters of Possum Pocket, Alabama in the summer of 2016. The three-piece band has extracted elements from early Seattle grunge, 1970-80 NYC punk, and the early 90’s California surf-punk scene to form a unique, fuzzed out Horror Punk approach. Taking old elements and making them fresh and exciting is something the band strives for.

Pizza Bath

Just a couple buds sharing some suds.

Viciously energetic, Pizza Bath is a four piece punk rock outfit that mixes fast rock riffs with sweet and sour vocals. There are saucy sing along choruses, spicy harmonies and savoury guitars all spread on top of lyrical dough, leavened by the existential struggles that come with finding purpose in life.


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