2018 Slam Festival
Lineup of Events

Our Slam Festival volunteers have been dreaming up this lineup all winter and are back for another year of memorable events.  Click on the posters for more event details.  Please be sure to purchase your ticket early and RSVP on our Facebook Event pages.

Slam events bring a unique surf culture experience to Calgarians that is not found anywhere else in the city.  Surfing is fitness forward, family friendly and rooted in art and style.  These events bring people together who have the “surfer’s spirit” inside of them and may not know there are others like them in the city.

Meet Your Hosts

The Alberta River Surfing Association (Alberta RSA) does the following for all of Alberta:

  • Builds, protects and maintains river surfing waves
  • Improves the experience of river surfing
  • Promotes the sport of river surfing
  • Improves and develops river surfing safety standards and practices
  • Develops casual and competitive river surfing athletes of all ages
  • Holds river surfing competitions and events
  • Builds public awareness and support for river surfing
  • Ensure equipment and services needed by river surfers are available
  • Protect and/or improve the environment near surfing areas
  • Raise funds to achieve these Objects

The Alberta RSA has existed since 2005, has held annual Alberta surfing competitions & events since 2006, has designed and built river surfing waves and has made Alberta into a world-famous centre for and a world leader of river surfing. Our work has created and continues to create vibrant cultural and athletic spaces from unused areas, improved environmental awareness and new businesses. We are working with Albertans in cities across the province to build local, public access river surfing waves, to help those surfers organize effectively and to improve the Albertan surfing experience.

You can see more about the Alberta River Surfing Association including the history, Objects, By-laws and more at www.AlbertaRiverSurfing.com.

Events You Can Feel Good About

Alberta River Surfing Association (Alberta RSA) is incorporated in Alberta and is a registered Alberta Non Profit Society. Alberta RSA is run by volunteers and we give our free time to make Calgary a better place. The fundamental purpose of Slam Festival is to create lasting improvements to Alberta for everyone. The object of the event is not solely to raise funds. Slam Festival creates vibrant and open cultural events and competitions that showcases river surfing culture, skate culture, art and music. The event raises awareness and support and funds to improve Alberta through the creation of more river surfing features in Alberta.

River surfing features last generations and create major economic, cultural and environmental benefits. River surfing features are significant pieces of public infrastructure and in order to build them, the projects require broad public support. Slam Festival is a key part of our outreach and education that builds the needed support of river surfing through enjoyable and publicly accessible events. This event is a huge effort put on by the Alberta River Surfing Association with help from sponsors.

Slam FestivalSURF | SKATE | MUSIC | ART

Surf Culture Lives Here.

Summer 2018