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The Alberta River Surfing Association and Surf Anywhere are throwing the very first North American Championships in river surfing. To do so we have worked with Quiksilver and other partners to prepare a nine day schedule of events celebrating inland surfing lifestyle. The event offers much more than elite performance and prize money it is about celebrating the roots of the river surfing community.

Surfers traveling to Alberta will be immersed in a culture that they will take home with them. In the future we see the North American Championships rotating from community to community showcasing river surfing culture across the continent.

Competition Judging

The current rulebook outline is based on river surfing competition rulebooks used in Europe. For a competition to be accepted by the entire North American river surfing community the judging criteria will be made available to surfers ahead for time for scrutiny. Together we will write the rule book for all future competitions in Canada and the US.

Surfers will be judged on the following 6 criteria:

  1. Major radical controlled maneuvers
  2. Utilizing the entire wave face
  3. Speed, power and flow
  4. Innovative/progressive
  5. Combination and variety of repertoire
  6. Degree of difficulty and commitment

Competitive Categories (Must Purchase Athlete Ticket By July 19)
Men’s Open - 1st Prize $1000
Women’s Open - 1st Prize $1000

Non-Competitive Categories (Free Entry, Must Register By July 19)
Teams of 4

North American River Surf Championships

Our main goal is to Introduce a traveling surf competition hosted by prominent river surfing communities across North America. We believe this will unite river surfers, push Canada and the US to the level of sport in Europe, and promote the transfer of knowledge and experience between communities.

Thoughts on Competition
River Surfing at its roots is different from ocean surfing. In its nature surfers take turns on the wave independent of their surfing level. This creates a more cooperative vibe than competitive vibe in the water. The opinion of the international river surfing community is that competition is good for advancing the sport but it should not be the central focus. The roots of river surfing need to be maintained in the energy of the event. Therefore river surfing championships are a showcase of both elite athleticism as well as the culture around the sport.

European Championships
Taking place in the Capital City of river surfing, the Surf ‘n Style is home to the highest level of athleticism in our sport. With more waves being built and communities rising up across Canada and the US we are now at the level we can hold a championship tournament similar to that of the Europeans. A North American Championship is the step we need to unite the world wide river surfing community and one day have the best river surfers in the world in one place for the enjoyment of the competitors and spectators alike.

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July 15-23 2017

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