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Hey everyone, we’re back!  Your friendly neighborhood Alberta River Surfing association is bringing you Slam Festival, round two.  We have plans, big plans!  We also have a goal, a massive goal!  And that’s to bring the 10th street project to life, right here in the heart of Calgary.   Land and water lovers alike can enjoy what could turn into a world class urban beach.


What’s Slam Festival, you say?

We have a beautiful city full of amazing people and we’re seeing our surf community thrive.  We want bring surf culture with our series of events that is, Slam Festival.  You don’t have to surf to enjoy these events and you won’t have to surf to enjoy the 10th street project either.  Our community is diverse so this year’s festival is too. We’ve done our best to mix in new music genres, family friendly and 18+, ticketed and free events.  We truly hope that this year’s format will give you the opportunity to see our community and enjoy being a part of it yourself.

You like cocktails? We got you.  Want to hear some rap and R&B by a pool? We’re on it.  Loved Big Slam last year? We’re doing it again. Want to take a shot to win some ca$h money in one of our skate contests? Then don’t miss our contest series.  Peruse our list of events to find your niche and join us in celebrating summer and one Calgary’s fastest growing communities.


So, what’s a “10th street project”?

If you haven’t heard about the 10th street project, here’s the scoop.  The Alberta River Surfing Association is working with Calgary based Surf Anywhere to develop an urban beach at the 10th street (Louise bridge).  This combination of recreational waves and accessible beach will result in substantial cultural, economic and environmental benefits that will last generations.  The waves will have no impact on flood risk or on river levels during a flood.

In 2018, a detailed feasibility study was completed to confirm the possibility of this concept. The river conditions at the 10th Street Bridge (Louise Bridge) location allow for world class, adjustable waves all year except for during floods and heavy ice coverage.  The wave making structures will collapse flat to the river bottom before and during flood season to completely avoid any effect on river levels during floods. The development will make this section of river safer and more enjoyable for all river users, will improve the river and riverbank ecosystems, will create a vibrant cultural anchor on the west end of downtown and with result in millions every year in additional economic activity.”

Written by: Jenna Henderson
Blog Posted: September 15, 2017

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